First RIPE NCC “seizure of IPv4 Addresses” — is this the beginning of IPv4 as Collateral?

  1. Has entered into force and is recognised by the Dutch courts.
  2. Be served by a bailiff in advance on the RIPE NCC in the form of an authentic enforceable document (e.g. a court order).
  3. Specifically mention the RIPE NCC and create an obligation for the RIPE NCC to perform the transfer. (i.e. the enforceable title must apply specifically to the RIPE NCC). This does not mean the RIPE NCC needs to be named as a defendant.
  4. State the specific resources at issue.
  1. Will other Regional Internet Registries follow the same protocol?
  2. Once “registration rights” can be seized to satisfy a judgment, will lenders be comfortable taking those rights as collateral? Will there be direct lending for purchase of IPv4 addresses, thereby providing more liquidity in the IPv4 market?
  3. What can a lender do to protect against the borrower transferring the IPv4 addresses before the loan is repaid?



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